We highly recommend these resources for learning more about how organisations around the world have implemented a 4 day week, and transformed wellbeing and workplace performance.

Of course, you are also very welcome to ask us any questions!

Andrew Barnes' book

The 4 day week - andrew barnes

Andrew launched the 4 day week into the mainstream when he ran a trial in his business Perpetual Guardian back in 2018. This fantastic book is full of advice and insights from an early adopter and leader of the 4 day week movement.

Alex Pang's book


Consultant Alex Pang studied over 100 organisations around the world who had switched to a 4 day week, across many sectors from knowledge economy to care and hospitality. These success stories show how a 4 day week can work whatever the business.

4 day week global

The 4 Day Week Global Foundation was set up by Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart to facilitate organisations around the world in adopting a 4 day week. Among their many useful resources is a White Paper summarising advice for employers

4 day week campaign uk

The 4 Day Week Campaign UK website has lots of helpful advice: see in particular their FAQs