As a lecturer and research fellow at the University of Sussex, Charlotte specialises in understanding the psychological and biological basis of wellbeing. Since 2022 she has been responsible for monitoring the impact of the 4 day work week on organisations and teams, reporting data back to employers and their staff. 

Over two years working closely with local businesses, Charlotte has become the UK’s leading quantitative researcher on the 4 day week, proving its impact on wellbeing and productivity, and identifying many of the most common challenges that organisations face as they adjust to new working practices. 

Informed by her work, Charlotte is a passionate advocate for the 4 day week, and will consult with you ahead of a trial period to help answer your questions, address your concerns and prepare effectively, as well as accurately measuring the effect on your organisation and its people. 

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Read more about Charlotte’s academic research here.


Research Assistants

Freja and Dana help employees taking part in the 4 day week trial complete all their trial measures, such as wellbeing and workplace performance questionnaires. They also support our data analytics, transforming employees’ data into a custom report for each employer, to showcase detailed findings on what changes have taken place. This includes getting creative with infographics!

Freja and Dana are both completing a BSc Psychology at the University of Sussex, and have taken a year out from their degrees to enhance their research experience. They are experienced in working with participants to ensure a smooth journey through the trial. Both Freja and Dana can attest to the value of a 4 day week, having adopted it themselves!